Three children's books that have fun with their readers

"Stone, paper, scissors"

By Michaël Escoffier and Karine Bélanger, Père Castor, 32 p., € 12.From 0 to 3 years old.

At the start, there is a mouse.Turquoise, with a large mouth furnished with only two teeth, a small nose in the shape of a pink ball like a spitting Malabar.This friendly animal is the star of the album, where it stands out on the white background of all the pages, which allows the child to better alpagate: "Hello, do you want to play with me? She asks bravely.She then launches into a game of rock-paper-scissors where her answers are each time hidden under a flap.It is so well staged that the child can lose and get annoyed.The mouse has planned everything, since it begins to cheat by introducing a monster into the game.We will not reveal everything to you, only the essential: the child ends up winning.frustration, satisfaction, what more could you ask for?

" My little corner of paradise "

De Barroux, Little Urban, 32 p., € 14.50.From 4 years old.

My little corner of paradise asks, in somewhat bombastic terms, a simple question: what makes you happy in life? An army of dreamy sweet animals responds: the penguin would like to own “an ice factory to create a breaded fish flavor.” The polar bear would find it fantastic to have nouba in Hawaii rather than sleeping all winter.fantasy about the Little Prince's rose because it would like to fall asleep in the hollow of its petals.The crocodile aspires to have a vegetable garden to become a vegetarian ...Few words on each page, but each speaking requires on the part of the Parents a small text explanation, facilitated by the large illustrations in primary colors.At the end, a twist comes to spice up the affair."I am me and my little piece of paradise… it's you! », We can read on the last double page, where a mirror paper allows the child to admire his stupefied head.

Posted Date: 2021-01-03

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